Monday, December 15, 2008

Pics as promised.

The 10 yr friend MR yan. Our GFs.

My CG and I.

Classic shot. I ain't taking this down. haha. lovin ya.

I and baby and my cake.

Going for 10 buffets in 3 days with BABY. After that is KETOSIS DIET. my my...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Time do not wait

TIME passes quickly in a FEET. Final paper to retake in Jan. Fail is NOT an option here. Contract at work ending as well. Time for BUSINESS to take place.

I know where my PASSION lies. I know your ROLE for me God.

Lest TIME be wasted NO more.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its was a nice BIRTHDAY with BABY and with CHURCH PEEPS. touched by what they have put up for me. took LOTS of pics with BABY and friends, will take some TIME to be UP.

Busy again at office. ORDing soon in Jan. Plans of being my own BOSS in mind. NEED lots of BLESSINGS for this from God.

Monotonous days it seems. Wake. EAT. Pack. Work. EAT. TRAIN. EAT. Sleep. neglecting BABY in the process. i'm good but not good enough.

business is UP. visit to be the next ANIMAL. Happy TRAINING people.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun at JB

Happy couple



seafood on a hot grill for 20sgd

meat galore on a hot grill for 15sgd

aftermath of mass destruction

jb is good

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scouted the towns of JB with BABY for the very first time. MAKAN is so fantastic and budgetable it makes my wallet pinch to dine back in SG.

Nevertheless, with 2 BLISTERS on my feet, it was an enjoyable experience. Thank GOD for protecting us on this journey.

PICS will be up within this week when I get it from BABY.

Some background info at gym. Some people train for FUN. Some like it when they are SKINNY. I don't CARE what U like to be. I like MASS, and no MASS can be too MUCH. I don't appreciate U telling ME or BABY what to do. Work on yourself brudder and STOP thinking everyone wants to be like U.

Working out with HB, TER and RAYMOND is productive and fun. In the long run, I can foresee God bless US with a formidable TEAM. TEAM METAL MAMMOTHS sounds pretty cool upfront.

A little sneak PEAK for fellow gym rats out there. I will be importing these fantastic products from UNIVERSAL. So leave a tag on the board if interested. Lowest prices in SG guranteed.

Unopposed joint support formula that works
Get from small to BIG
Complete multivitamin and mineral complex. With minerals you have never known exisited
Hardcore testerone amplifier
Effective Mass gainer that increases your weight

Its gonna be an exciting import. 7-DAY Hardcore Mass Diet plans are in the draft. Blueprints gonna be out pretty SOON. I know you DREAD this BABY. Its NOT what you think it is. TRUST ME and not others alright ;)